Pet Carriers

Pet Carrier Manufacturer

HOWKSY is your reliable custom pet carrier manufacturer with professional industry specialism and extensive customizing experience. We design and craft pet carriers for dogs and cats with convenience and comfort in mind. The convenient design for every pet carrier ensures that there is enough space for pets to rest on. At the same time, we strengthened our flexible straps to withstand the weight of our carriers and make them easier to carry. Cushions are also added to prevent pee leaking. In every step of production, we guarantee that our pet carriers are in top condition through various processing and final inspections.

With 12 years of experience in the bag industry, we are always at the forefront of the trend-sensitive market and will regularly design new pet carriers based on our extensive understanding of market trends and customer feedback.

Outstanding Pet Carriers Make You Stand Out

Maximum Capacity

Our pet carriers have a maximum carrying capacity to increase total space and ultra comfort to pets.

Removable Base Insert

With an easy to remove base insert, pets can enjoy the cozy sleeping space and be securely protected.

Double Zippers

Our double zippers ensure smooth and quick access to pets, whether for bringing them in or out of our carriers.

No-slip Strap

Adjusting to the desired length, end users can comfortably carry their pet carriers with ease while traveling.

Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers

Rigorous Quality Safeguards Your Business

Since 2008, We have been consistently recognized by a bunch of prestigious brands and wholesalers for our premium quality.

In order to continuously manufacture consistent excellent quality bags, we have developed a fastidious quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process.

From the incoming raw materials to final inspection, our experienced workers will monitor every stage to ensure all bags are made with the same uncompromising quality that meet and exceed your exception.