Cooler Bags

Cooler Bag Manufacturer

Mainly used to regulate or keep the contents within a certain temperature, insulated cooler bags are built with an interior lining that insulates heat inside the bag. Exterior usually features a waterproof material that acts as a barrier for moisture or water, preventing the contents from liquids.

As a trusted cooler bag manufacturer, HOWSKY’s line of cooler bags not only adheres to high quality standards, but is also more affordable than other brands by up to 20%. The attention to excellent production ensures that our cooler bags have a waterproof exterior, along with an insulated and leak-proof interior that keeps contents up to temperature. A meticulous final round of inspection is conducted after the manufacturing process, making sure each cooler bag that leaves our warehouse exceeds your expectations. Dozens of customization options to choose from, including bag size, color, and design, allowing you to create unique cooler bags for your market.

Outstanding Cooler Bags Make You Stand Out

Durable Fabrics

High-density polyester fabric is used on the cooler bag’s exterior, sporting increased abrasion resistance that protects from scratches and other damages that can affect the surface.

Heat-welded Seams

Effectively maintain internal temperatures within the cooler bag with heat-welded seams, giving the cooler bag waterproof and leak-proof capabilities.

Waterproof Zipper

Airtight zippers are introduced in constructing our cooler bags to make sure the waterproofness of the interior structure of cooler bags.

Heat Insulated Lining

Superior PVC and TPU fabric lining inside the cooler bag regulates the internal temperature and keeping the desired temperature for the contents.

Cooler Bags
Enforce Waterproofness

Seamless Welding to Enforce Waterproofness

The key to best-selling cooler bags is to have a waterproof interior that effectively blocks out water or moisture from entering and leaking from the bag.

Aided by high-frequency welding machines, we achieve the desired protection as the PVC and TPU fabrics used as insulators are seamlessly welded on the cooler bag, thus creating a waterproof and leak-proof interior for the contents.