Backpack Manufacturer

Backpacks are popular bag type for most consumers, with its almost universal base design and diverse applications. Several sought-after backpack categories include mini backpacks, travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, and camera backpacks, and more. Offering various custom backpack options allows you to target a wide range of consumers with minimal cost and a huge return of investment.

As a backpack company in China, HOWSKY is your leading choice for premium backpacks at affordable wholesale pricing. Our line of custom backpacks is made of top-grade materials and superior manufacturing equipment, ensuring consistent quality in every backpack. Comprehensive customization options provide you with limitless possibilities of modification, with backpack size, color, logo, and other features fully-adjustable to match your brand and market. You can also take advantage of our competitive wholesale price that is 20% lower than most of our peers with a minimum order of 500 pieces.

Outstanding Backpacks Make You Stand Out

Enhance Surface Finish

The tough materials provide great resistance to abrasion, effectively protecting the backpack from external damage and keeping contents safe.

Durable Webbing

Made of durable nylon and with strong weaving, our webbing is strong enough to withstand heavy pressure and still maintains excellent function.

Waterproof Zipper

Made from highly-durable material, the zippers we use for our backpacks sport superior waterproofing while smoothly working every single time.

Lightweight Fabrics

The use of lightweight fabrics for constructing our backpacks makes your bags easy and comfortable to carry for years.


Ergonomic Design Brings Extreme Comfort

Backpacks are used for long durations, as such, it is important for the backpack’s design to make long use as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Thus, we create custom backpacks that are not only marketable but also comfortable to use for long periods. Carefully studied layouts that reflect ergonomic designs. Comfort, and durability, are considered and applied on each backpack created, maximizing positive user experience.

Adjustable straps and breathable fabric materials are used for constructing the backpacks to help dissipation and further improve the ergonomic design of the backpacks.