More than half of the pet owners have a problem with their travels in China.

More than half of the pet owners have a problem with their travels in China.


“The life of a dog is not complete,” “Do not suck a cat in a day, and it is uncomfortable.” More and more people are now treating their pets as “family”, so they are also traveling with their pets. It has become a “just need” for pet owners. However, the reporter found that although the market size of China’s pet industry is growing rapidly, due to the special status of pets, there are still many restrictions on carrying pets.

In the case of “intensive care”, the pet is full of “slots”

Relevant data show that in 2017, China’s pet family reached approximately 59.12 million, and the pet industry reached 134 billion yuan. It is expected that the pet consumer market will develop at a rate of 30.9% in the next four years. According to industry insiders, the pet industry has developed very fast and has become a new consumer hotspot. The number of pet owners is increasing, and unlike the past, it is currently popular intensive. Most pet owners regard pets as an important part of their lives. a member of.

“Every time I return to Changsha, my hometown wants to take my family to go with me, but the plane is not safe, so I can only find a place to foster or put it in a friend’s house.” Miss Car told reporters that her family’s melon is A Bichon dog originally considered the way of consignment, but the news that the pets were often exposed due to accidental loss or even death made her dare not take the risk.

Miss Liu has a Corgi in her family. She said that it is too troublesome to take a pet by plane or train to check in, and she is really not worried. Therefore, she can only take it on her own, but she also faces many problems. “Checking in the hotel is a big problem. Many star-rated hotels are not allowed to stay in pets. We can only confirm it by booking the hotel phone on the website. There is also a need to call in advance to ask before you dare to go. Otherwise, you can’t go to the local area and throw the dog yourself in the car.”

The reporter learned that there are also some Pet-based WeChat public accounts or APPs that publish relevant travel information and organize pet owners to take the bus to carry out activities such as surrounding tours, but the destinations and places to stay are also limited. Miss Liang told reporters: “Before I participated in the activities of taking a pet out of the uniform, but because of a large number of people, the trip is more chaotic and not free, and the places to go are mostly relatively uncommon places, and the playability is not great.”

The potential development of the pet market is expected to promote the convenience of pet travel

Not long ago, a related report released by the Speedway Research Institute showed that the Chinese pet industry is carrying rapid growth with great potential. It is expected that its market size will reach 160 billion yuan by 2018. In the next three years, the size of the Chinese pet market is expected to be large. Breaking through 200 billion yuan.

Inconsistent with such a huge market, domestic pet owners are filled with emptiness in the process of keeping pets, but they also have many problems. Among them, pets are extremely inconvenient because of their special status. 53.4% of pet owners think that travel problems are the biggest problem for their pets.

Many tourists may often see locals carrying pets at many stations, airports or public transport during their overseas travels. However, unlike some European and American countries, most hotels in the country do not allow pets to stay, aviation and In most cases, the railway can only conditionally check pets. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Swiss National Tourism Administration said that if Switzerland is used as an example, there are about 500,000 dogs in Switzerland. The local government will set up many public facilities with the tax paid by the dog owner. Convenience.

According to the reporter, although China cannot reach the tolerance of pets abroad, some airlines are already exploring the pets into the cabin; some single hotels are gradually allowing pets to stay; some scenic spots around Beijing and Shanghai have also been Pets are open, such as Lushan, Yuehu, and the Great Wall. Insiders pointed out that in Europe and the United States, the social status of pets is relatively high, so the tolerance of pets in various public facilities is relatively high. The market size of the pet industry in China is growing, and it will also drive related consumption. Upgrade, I believe that more companies will participate in the convenience of pet travel, and traveling with pets in the future is expected to become another new trend in the domestic tourism market.