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It All Starts with Raw Materials

To maintain consistent superior quality, we select only certified raw material suppliers and the finest raw materials. With our trusted supply network, we reduce the time for material acquisition and focus our efforts on our full production process. At the same time, various performance tests will be conducted to ensure excellent quality.

  • Specification Inspection
  • Abrasion Tests
  • Zipper Durability Test
  • Fabric Weight Test
  • Buckle Test
  • Velcro Test
Specification Inspection

The specifications of your fabrics will be carefully measured by precise tools to make sure that they are 100% matching to the sampling fabrics' specifications.

Abrasion Tests

The fabric is rubbed in a straight back and forth motion until noticeable wear or thread break is evident.

 Zipper Durability Test

The zippers will be subjected to horizontal and vertical tension to evaluate the physical performance of the zippers.

Fabric Weight Test

Fabric weight determines the practical performance of the bags. We will subject our fabrics to a precise digital scale to make sure the qualified gram weight.

Buckle Test

The buckles will be inserted together and subjected to 15 LBS tension to evaluate that they are not easy to pull out.

Velcro Test

The worker will stick the hook and loop together to make them perfectly matched without misplaced and test the adhesion.

bag stitching

High Accuracy and Efficient Cutting

In order to generate precise cutting, we utilize advanced laser cutting machines for fabric cutting, which can result in accurate and complex cutting pieces efficiently. Rather than rely on our staff, we use our machinery to carefully cut fabrics to save labor and manufacturing costs and ensure faster mass production to help you one step ahead of your competitors.

Exquisite Stitching

Our careful stitching process is handled by well-trained workers with more than 10 years of experience. Coupled with the computerized sewing machine, we can realize the most complex and the finest stitching efficiently, which can contribute to the fast lead time and maintain the excellent quality at the same time.

bag stitching

Fastidious Final Inspection

We work tirelessly and strive to provide you with an unforgettable buying experience right from initial design to ultimate after-sales.

  • Jerk Test

    Jerk Test

    The handle or strap of a weighted bag or backpack is exposed to 21 LBS pulling force to test the handle material, sewing and overall design and structure.

  • Loose Thread Cutting

    Loose Thread Cutting

    Our well-trained craftsmen will carefully check every part of your bags and utilize scissors to get rid of the loose thread to ensure the stable structure and neat appearance.

  •  Sewing Examination

    Sewing Examination

    The interior and exterior of your bags will be carefully examined to make sure the needle pitch, the sewing times, and sewing quality are met the required standards.

  • Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspection

    Dedicated workers will always stay alert to detect any dirt or defects against craftsmanship on your bags ensuring the cleanliness and flawlessness of the finished bags.

Meticulous Packaging

Before packaging, all bags must be subjected to our needle detection machines to make sure that there are no remaining metals and needles in your bags.

During packaging, we guarantee that there is no debris such as dirt, hair, and thread in our boxes. Various packing methods will be conducted according to different bag types to maximize their security.

needle detection