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Maintenance and cleaning methods of canvas makeup bags

clean canvas bag

1. Canvas makeup bags are easy to fade in washing. Do not use washing products containing bleaching or fluorescence.

2. If the canvas makeup bag is not greasy and other stubborn stains, please try to reduce the amount of washing supplies.

3. Please soak and clean the canvas makeup bag with cold water, not insolate it.

4. Canvas makeup bags leather place can use leather cream to wipe, avoid fold press, lest be out of shape.

5. Canvas makeup bags first time when catharsis can add salt or white vinegar first in clear water, reoccupy bag immerse about 30 minutes, can prevent fade.

6. Canvas makeup bags has the place of apparent besmirch to want local clean ~ for instance oily be soiled can use cleaner essence to clean.

7. How to wash the white canvas makeup bags? Suggest clean with neutral soft lotion, shampoo, for example, you can also use of detergent with gold spinning and so on, mainly is to prevent the alkaline detergent damage leather, but be careful not to let the leather face inhaling too much water, suggest using a clean cotton swab surface, of course, when air is basked in fear of string of words of color is the canvas makeup bag after cleaning with plenty of toilet paper parcels, must be close to the surface, can prevent the string of color, also can prevent the canvas surface yellowing.

Pay special attention to is, after cleaning put ventilation cool place natural air dry, do not put under the hot sun explosion or put high temperature place to bake, in case of accelerated aging.As long as the above points are done, the canvas makeup bag can take on a new look and be reused many times.