How to Choose the Right Dog Backpack Carrier

The best dog backpack carrier for your pet should reflect your personal needs and preferences while being safe and comfortable for your dog. In this guide, we’ll go over why you should choose a backpack carrier, and provide several of the best options.

Additionally, we’ll cover how you can properly measure your dog for a carrier. Correct measuring will ensure that your dog is comfortable and secure on your travels. If you’ve been looking for a convenient and fun way to take your pooch with you on your adventures, a backpack carrier can be the perfect solution.

You might be conflicted on whether or not you should purchase a dog backpack or something more traditional, like a designer carrier. Backpacks are more about functionality and comfort. They are often versatile enough to be useful through several different types of travel.

There are multiple reasons to consider a dog backpack over other types of carriers. It all depends on the type of travel you plan on doing, what you’re looking for in bringing your dog with you, and of course, your dog’s personality. Of course, not all backpacks are created equally. Let’s take a look at a few features you should consider before choosing the best one for your furry friend.

  • Make sure it’s specifically made for dogs. A traditional backpack of any kind, even if it has mesh siding, etc., is never an appropriate substitute. Dog backpacks have special design and safety features that are necessary to keep your dog secure and comfortable.
  • Consider the sizing limits of the bag you’re choosing. This can be difficult if you’ve never purchased one before. You shouldn’t go by your dog’s weight alone, even if the bag specifies a weight limit. Instead, take a look at the measurements of the carrier and how they correlate to your dog.
  • Think about your dog’s personality. Will they enjoy spending time in a backpack? Do they get anxious easily? If they don’t typically like to travel or aren’t used to being put in a carrier, you may be better off choosing something like a top-loading pet carrier. Never force them into a backpack or kennel of any kind.
  • Note the durability. Think about the purpose behind the backpack itself. If you want it for something like a car or air travel, it’s unlikely the material will be ‘tested’ as much. However, if you want a backpack to make it easier to take your dog on walks or hikes, it should be strong, durable, and comfortable for both of you. Considering what you plan on using it for is a key in making the right selection.

Desirable Features of a Pet Backpack

No matter what you plan on using the backpack for, certain features should be kept in mind. These features will keep your dog safe and offer you peace of mind whenever you choose to use it. Look for the following characteristics before making your final choice on a quality carrier:

  • Zippers that lock – Your pet’s backpack should only be able to be opened from the outside. This will help to prevent your dog from accidentally breaking the zipper or pulling it open when they’re inside the bag.
  • Overall design – Think about your own support as well as the comfort and support for your dog. If you’re going to have them on your shoulders and back, the backpack should have comfortable shoulder straps and should be durable enough to carry for long periods of time.
  • Material – Choosing the right material is key. It should be well-ventilated, yet strong enough so your pet can’t claw or chew their way out of it. You’ll also want to choose something that is easy to clean. Accidents happen, and general sanitation is important if you use the bag a lot. A machine-washable material is a great option. Or, choose something with a removable interior that can be washed.
  • Extra storage – Because it’s likely you’re taking your backpack on some type of travel excursion, extra storage can be a big help. Look for a bag that includes side storage pockets or compartments. You can store your own personal belongings in these compartments, or necessities for your dog. Either way, they will make your life much easier while you’re traveling.