Custom Bag Manufacturer You Can Rely On

HOWSKY is home to a wide array of wholesale bags that fit well any market, including backpacks, shopping bags, makeup bags, cooler bags, sports bags, and pet carriers. Our high-quality bags are available at wholesale factory pricing, giving clients true value for every bag and increased profits.

Regarded as a reliable custom bag manufacturer in the industry, we offer dozens of customization options to help clients create perfect bags for their target audience. Our customization options are based on design preferences, material types, and allotted budget, and so much more.

Each bag from HOWSKY is backed by our gold seal of quality, boasting superior durability and stitching like no other. Bags are produced through our high-efficiency production line for fast and consistent output, with strict quality checks performed after each manufacturing step to maintain the quality of the products.

Supreme Quality Can be Seen at Every Stage

HOWSKY has established itself as a reliable brand for custom bags through dedication to quality and competitive wholesale pricing.

  • Smart procurement of raw materials gives us the advantage of creating high-quality bags at 20% lower than peers.
  • Well-trained workers with over 10 years of experience review the products in every step of the process.
  • A meticulous final inspection is done once the bags are completed to ensure they meet our control standards.

From sourcing quality materials to final inspection, the bar is kept high and is reflected by the quality of our bags.

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meticulous final inspection
develop bags with advanced software

Customize From Sketch to Ultimate Bags

With our advanced design capabilities that were refined via years of experience in manufacturing custom-built bags, we help you design and craft your unique bag offerings.

Working with you from conceptualization to material selection and manufacturing is our team of designers, lending their expertise to turn your ideas and visions into tangible and marketable bags that match your needs.

Our talented designers use the latest designing software to create these bag designs, which are then carefully constructed from the best materials to achieve the perfect bag.

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