Bags are essential to our lives, so the right way to use them is not only to make your bag look as good as new, but also to make your bag more durable. Today we’ll share some of the BAG’s experiences:


Leather bag: If you use leather cleaner to wipe, do not use shoe oil! Generally, the eyeglasses are a cheap, easy to use helper who doesn’t scratch your favorite bag. Even applying it can restore light to the bag, and olive oil can be one of the best choices for a leather bag.


Real leather bag: had better often used, and often wipe with a fine velvet cloth. If encounter rain damp or mildew, can use soft dry cloth wipe water stains or mildew. But do not use water and gasoline besmear, because water can make corium hardens, gasoline can make corium oil volatile and dry crack. And bag did not go through any waterproof process, so bag wet, immediately dry with a soft cloth to avoid leaving stains or watermarks and surface wrinkles. If you use it on rainy days, you should pay special attention.


Sandbag: Avoid by all means wet water, should use raw rubber and special supplies cleaning care, should not use shoe Polish.


Cloth bag: It is easy to collect dust during travel, so it is unavoidable to use a vacuum cleaner regularly. But not brush head close to the cloth, so as not to leave stolen goods in the cloth. If there are dirty spots on the fabric, can first add washing supplies of clean water to the towel and screw to slightly wet, wipe dirty spots, can repeat several times until clean, and then re-wash clean towels and wring to half dry clean, natural air dry can.

No matter what kind of bag is made of, it should be put in the ventilated place to dry in the shade after cleaning, but don’t take it to bask in the sun in order to be quick, because the bag after being scrubbed with clean water is just the most vulnerable time, when suddenly the high temperature irradiates Can cause bags to fade or leather hard, fragile.

Bag hardware maintenance should be in use after dry cloth wipe. If oxidize slightly, can try with flour or toothpaste brush hardware gently can.