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4 tips for choosing a backpack

My tips for choosing a backpack

To be honest, the number of backpacks I personally bought and used is really not small.

Boys are different from girls. We actually have many uses in the selection of backpacks. You have to buy a comfortable shoulder bag when you go out on the street. You need a suitable backpack when you travel. You have to come for street photography. Good camera bags, there may be special digital backpacks for digital enthusiasts, etc. So, the backpacks that boys need every day are really not too few, so how do you choose the backpack you like? This time, I personally proceed from a subjective point of view to talk to you about my views.

Regarding the question of backpacks, the basic requirements are four points:

  1. Look good;
  2. The fabric can be waterproof;
  3. The foundation must be wear-resistant;
  4. It must be able to fit inside.

Starting from these four points, the backpacks you buy will not be too bad. Of course, you can have personalized choices for your daily travel needs. For example, I buy more backpacks, and the scenes are more detailed. , So sometimes I may not care about the capacity of this backpack, as long as it can meet my simple daily needs, on the contrary, I personally value the design of the backpack.

Let me talk about some backpacks I have used so far.

Bluelounge Messenger Bag. Fans of this backpack will probably be particularly familiar with the tail, because a few years ago, the tail good product has been buying this brand of backpacks. When I was a college student, I planted grass and placed an order immediately, and it looked like my number one. This tail article introduces this backpack, so it is quite meaningful to me.

Since I bought the Bluelounge Messenger Bag, I personally have a good impression of the Bluelounge brand, and subsequently purchased the BlueLounge CAMPUS backpack. This backpack is relatively campus-like. The simple design and lightweight body make it very suitable for daily commuting.

Let me briefly explain why I personally like it. At that time, I myself was looking for a suitable shoulder bag. For college classes, the main thing is to install books and digital products, so there is not much demand for capacity. However, the shoulder bags on the market are generally designed to be very traditional, and there is nothing that shines in my eyes until I saw the Bluelounge Messenger Bag. The metal quick-adjusting buckle on the shoulder strap is very handsome, and the design of the messenger bag It is also suitable for the daily use of textbooks and iPad. The fabric is solid and waterproof, which meets the four elements I mentioned above. You may be a little excited when you see this, but it is a pity that the Bluelounge Messenger Bag is no longer available online, after all, it is also a backpack style several years ago.

Speaking of commuter backpacks, I personally recommend that you choose dark-toned backpack styles, otherwise the bottom of the backpack will become particularly dirty with the casual placement, and it will take time and effort to clean up. I was optimistic about the BlueLounge CAMPUS backpack at the beginning. The bottom fabric was deliberately black, which was different from the color of the fabric above. Relatively speaking, it is not easy to get dirty. It is a very clever design. Of course, as a campus-style commuter bag, Bluelounge CAMPUS does not have a carrying system, so this type of backpack is not suitable for placing too heavy things. It is safer to choose other backpack styles when traveling.

At present, most of the backpacks I carry on business trips or travel are Côte&Ciel SORMONNE. The version is Coated Canvas (black coated waterproof canvas). I have carried Côte&Ciel Oral Large for some time before, but the size of that backpack is still too big for me. It’s bigger, maybe people over 180cm tall would be more suitable to carry it on their backs, so I replaced it with a smaller Côte&Ciel SORMONNE. I know that many people’s impression of Côte&Ciel is “heavy”. I have also had the idea of ​​giving up choosing Côte&Ciel, but I couldn’t find a backpack brand that looks better than Côte&Ciel. Choosing the most suitable backpack model has been my research topic for a long time.

Perhaps for many people, Côte&Ciel’s most famous backpack styles are the Isar series and the Nile series. The handsome backpack design and the personalized zipper shape are the reasons why many people enter the pit, and these two series of backpacks are also available today With a variety of color matching versions, the choice is very rich. However, even if the Isar series and Nile series are so outstanding, in my opinion, they may not be suitable for me. On the contrary, the simple design of the SORMONNE series is my personal favorite.

The shape is not exaggerated, the materials are still solid, and the size is more suitable for Asian men. Such an excellent series always makes me feel buried by the light of the Isar series and the Nile series, so now if I want to recommend the Côte&Ciel backpack, I especially recommend choosing this series. However, it should be noted that although they are all SORMONNE series, there is a big gap between the styles. This difference is not only in the material of the fabric but also in the carrying system. For example, the Coated Canvas version I bought has a breathable mesh cushion, while some other versions are just ordinary fabric cushions. Because I personally prefer breathable mesh cushions, I bought this version especially. It's not just doing it casually, and we need to pay attention to this.

The SORMONNE series is actually not very good in terms of capacity. If you want to load a lot of things, you can consider the Isar series with large pockets (of course, you can't ignore the load). As far as the things I carry daily, SORMONNE can hold a 13-inch notebook, an iPad Air, wallet, card holder, pen, a mirrorless camera, and various odds and ends, etc., to meet travel needs It is enough. The most important thing is that the series is not heavy. The carrying feeling is much better than the Oril series I have used. Who would not love the beautiful and well-backed CC bags?

By the way, if you choose a backpack, I personally recommend choosing zippered styles as much as possible. Although the flap-type backpacks like the Herschel family have their own personality, you will know how bad they are when you want to get things quickly.

The above backpacks are actually relatively large styles, so…yes, I bought some small shoulder bags.

I usually use the hellolulu Joss shoulder bag and the ALPAKA Go Sling Pro camera bag bought in Hong Kong. I have actually written articles about these two small bags. If you are interested, click the link to view it. It’s simple here. Introduce my own thoughts and experience in choosing these portable bags.

Since it is a carry-on bag, a very important attribute is to be portable enough to be able to pick it up and set off. Therefore, this kind of backpack should not be too bulky, like the Joss shoulder bag, the fabric is thin canvas, which is very light, and it is very easy to use small items such as mobile phones and wallets when you go out. There are several around Friends planted grass after seeing me.

As for the ALPAKA Go Sling Pro camera bag, I only use it when I go out to take a photo with a camera. This kind of backpack with scene attributes depends on personal needs. Brands such as National Geographic, Buckingham, Peak Design, and ONA are all pretty good. , The products for carrying are also different. Some may be beneficial for you to carry a complete set of equipment, and some focus on lightness and thinness and can only hold one camera and one mirror, so it is better to confirm what you usually bring before choosing a brand. I myself have one camera and one lens for my daily shooting, so the small ALPAKA Go Sling Pro camera bag is enough to meet my needs, and the price is not too expensive, usually, it will not be too distressing to use it, it is normal to put it anywhere, if you buy it A leather camera bag like ONA is really good-looking, but the usual maintenance of leather goods is naturally indispensable. It depends on whether you are more practical or forced.

To summarize briefly. The four elements of backpack selection: fit, look good, wear-resistant, and waterproof. Among them, the backpack style should be selected as far as possible. The non-zipper style backpack does not have a strong advantage in quickly taking the contents of the bag. It is only for outdoor use. There will be drawbacks, of course, good-looking and personalized are the advantages of non-zipper backpacks.

As for the functional package, consider your own needs before making a choice. I also took the camera bag as an example. What you usually bring determines the direction of the backpack. For example, do you have a need for the tripod, if so naturally. Backpacks with tripod straps are preferred, while carry-on bags must be light, thin and portable. Thin canvas bags are preferred, and the quality of the zipper of the backpack is very important. Please make sure that the zipper of the backpack is smooth when trying the backpack. .

In addition, the carrying system also adds points to the daily experience of the backpack. If you want to carry more things, then this must be considered. I personally recommend a breathable cushion with mesh, especially in summer, the back will be more Be more comfortable.

Finally, I wish you all can buy your favorite backpack.